Lakeview 2017 @ Canadian Tire Motorsports Park!

Welcome to the page of the 5th Annual OGOC Lakeview Meet

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It’s really hard to believe that this is year five of this wonderful event. We’ve come from humble beginnings, all the way to the incredible time we had last year, where we had the pleasure of holding our Meet at the iconic Mosport International Raceway. The turnout was great and we saw G8’s roll in from as far away as New York, Michigan, Quebec and Massachusetts!!
We value our Members opinions, so we asked for your feedback after last year’s Meet. Overwhelmingly, you said you’d love to go back to Mosport in 2017. Well, we’re thrilled to announce that the OGOC Lakeview Meet will be heading back to Mosport (a.k.a. Canadian Tire Motorsport Park) for 2017!!

Incredible Activities

For those of you who missed last year’s Meet, we had a great time and were privileged to participate in a bunch of very cool activities. MORE GOOD NEWS… we will get to do all of that again this year!! So, that means…
♦Riding along in an instructor’s car at high speed on the track (hold on tight, these guys love to go FAST!!)
♦Driving our own cars on this world-famous racing circuit (a touch less speed than the Instructor ride, of course  ).
♦Some big fun with G8’s on the skidpad
♦ Seeing this world-class race track through the eyes of a racing veteran on the Track Walk
♦ Enjoying a great catered dinner and drinks at the beautiful new Event Centre

A Terrific Day

Naturally, all of this will be combined with the great time we always have when we get together, sharing stories, hanging with our Club Members and guests, meeting new folks and, of course, showing off our awesome selection of dozens of G8’s in one place!
The Lakeview Meet has grown and improved each year and our mission is always to make the event better than the last. This year will be no different in that regard. Again, we listened to your feedback from last year and will do everything we can to make this year’s Meet the best ever! Just one example is that we will be streamlining the registration process to get you in and enjoying the fun as quickly as possible.
We will have our usual awards and some cool draw prizes. As you know, our sponsors and prizing has been great, but we work hard to improve this every year and are always looking for new sponsors and ideas. We’ll announce more details on sponsors and giveaways as we get closer to the Meet.

Awesome Venue
In addition to the great activities, spending time with fellow Members and checking out all the great rides, Mosport makes a great venue for our Meet.
♦We will have our own dedicated area for the day.
♦ We’ll be at Mosport for the full day, so no time wasted travelling between multiple locations.
♦We will not need to worry about any municipal noise by-laws here (because… race track).

We are free to walk right up to various trackside areas and watch as a very interesting mix of cars participates in an Advanced Driving School on the Grand Prix track. This can range from daily drivers to fully race-prepped cars… Porsche, BMW, Corvette and other performance brands are well-represented and we may even see a few ‘exotics’.
Mosport (okay, fine, it’s Canadian Tire Motorsport Park ) is an iconic, world class motorsports venue. It is the all-round fastest road circuit in North America and among the fastest on the planet!! Mosport has an incredible, storied history. Jackie Stewart ranked Mosport’s thrilling Corner 2 as one of the most challenging corners in the world.

We’ll be mixing our traditional Show ‘n’ Shine ‘n’ Meet ‘n’ Greet together with the various bonus activities throughout the day. The Track Walk happens at 5:00 PM, followed by dinner and drinks. We will provide a more detailed timeline as we get closer to the event.
In order to fit all of this into one day, we would like to have cars parked and everyone settled in by 9:00 AM so we can get things rolling. So, if you’re travelling a fair distance in order to attend, please start thinking about your approach to this. Staying with friends or at a hotel the night before is highly recommended as you’ll be well rested and can fully enjoy the day. That said, if you can’t arrive right at 9:00 AM, you’re still welcome, of course!!

Food Options

We will have great lunch and dinner options available. These must be purchased when you register for the event. A quality boxed lunch will be available that includes a main item (e.g. a wrap), plus a side, snack and soft drink. If you prefer, there is a concession stand at Mosport that offers typical fare (burgers, dogs, etc.) and your cost may come in slightly lower than the boxed lunch. Keep in mind, though, there will likely be line-ups at the concession stand at lunchtime, so the box lunch is a tasty time saver. Of course, you can also pack your own lunch/cooler. We will have plenty of water and other soft drinks available throughout the day.
As mentioned, a delicious, catered dinner will be served in the Event Centre. For a very reasonable price, you get a full course meal with dessert and two drinks (beer or wine). This will be a great way for us to hang out and wrap up the day!!


Most of the costs involved on the day are for food and beverages. OGOC has once again managed to keep its costs low and so admission to the event will be very affordable for Members and guests.

How do you guys do this?
Well, this amazing day is possible due to a relationship we’ve built with the BMW Club of Canada, Trillium Chapter. The Trillium Chapter has been together since 1973 and conducts several Advanced Driving Schools, Racing Schools and Street Survival Schools each year. Trillium’s events draw roughly
50% BMW’s and 50% other vehicle brands/owners. We have a few OGOC Members that have experienced one or more Trillium events at Mosport and we hope that more of you will be inspired to join us on the track sometime soon. It is an excellent way to improve your driving skills and is an incredible feeling. Trillium’s generosity and willingness to work with us to have our Club hold our Meet at their event has been truly impressive.

WHAT? : Awesome day for OGOC Members & guests
WHEN? : Saturday, June 10th, 2017 at 9:00 AM
WHERE? : Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (fine, we’ll call it that, so you can find it on Google Maps )
WHO? : Well, YOU, of course.
HOW? : Registration will open Sunday, March 12th
WHY? : Invalid question.
Hang out with fellow G8 owners from Ontario, Quebec, New York, Michigan, Massachusetts and more AND experience a magnificent, world class motorsports facility in this unique way… uhhhhh… yeah, I’m in!



The goal of the OGOC? Getting owners together in person!